BEFA- Flatbed construction


BEFA- Flatbed construction with side walls, a bar frame and full tarpaulin

  • subframe made of aluminum longitudinal and transverse beams
  • frontwall consisting of aluminum hollow chamber profiles
  • aluminum inserting plates
  • aluminum sideboard walls
  • steel cornerstones
  • lashing rail in floor and roof for locking beams
  • screen printing plate incl. half-sided laying of a wear plate
  • The roof is framed with lateral steel profiles. For flat support of the roof tarpaulin 5 rows of side pipes are mounted in the longitudinal direction. To prevent water accumulation on the roof tarpaulin, the roof has a blast of 150 mm.
  • PVC full tarpaulin high gloss 680g/m²

additional equipment

We can also produce for you:

  • Flatbed trucks to 26t bogies in the desired length and width design
  • Plateau platforms
  • Flatbeds with side walls
  • Flatbeds with tarp and bow
  • Flatbeds with loading deck or loading crane

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